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狗母魚 ・ えそ ・ Eso

Lizardfish speak Japanese, too.

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A community focusing on assistance with the Japanese language.


Welcome to Eso!

Eso is a Japanese language (日本語 ・ にほんご・ Nihongo) community for speakers of all levels with the goal of assisting one another with the Japanese language road blocks we all come upon sometimes. Here you can ask questions about anything related to the Japanese language.

We encourage first-year Japanese students to join. Many, many students drop out of Japanese 101 within the first two weeks simply because they're too embarrassed to ask questions or feel they simply can't handle the language. Anyone can do it. You can, too!

Why is it called "Eso"? 狗母魚, or Eso, translates into "Lizardfish". I chose this name because it stemmed from a mistranslation due to Japanese slang I didn't know. (More details below, if you're interested.) It encouraged me to start this community, so call it a tribute to ignorance's death.

As with any community, there are rules to follow so that everyone can have a good time while learning something!

YOU MUST READ THESE RULES, AS I HAVE INTRUCTIONS WITHIN THEM SO YOU CAN JOIN. Failure to follow the intructions will result in denial of your request to join.

Please do not ask about any other language than Japanese.

♪ Though kanji is originated from China, we politely ask you do not ask questions about it in the Chinese context unless it's a discussion of the 音読み ・ おんよみ ・ Onyomi reading within the Japanese language. (For kanji beginners, please review this portion of Wikipedia for further details on onyomi/kunyomi readings.)

All user languages are welcome.

♪ By this, I mean if you speak Italian, Spanish, etc. you are welcome to make a post. However I believe a majority of the community will primarily speak English, so if you speak another language, please be advised that the chances of your question being answered may be low until our community expands.

Collect your questions and make a large post.

♪ We'd like to try and avoid spam, since sometimes questions come up after you've already made a post recently. So if you're translating something, for example, get what you can and then ask all your questions within a single post. This not only reduces spam but makes it easier for your review later.

Tag all your entries accordingly.

♪ We ask that you tag any entries you make with their corresponding tags. For example, if your question involves slang that you're unfamiliar with, please tag the entry with "slang." This will make it easier for new users to browse for questions that may have already been answered. Moderators will modify your tags if they are incorrect. Sometimes we don't know what we're asking about, so it's understandable if you miss a tag.

All content is welcome. Friend lock mature content.

♪ We encourage content from all over the place. If you're translating manga/doujinshi/anime or just trying to read a letter a friend sent you, then you are welcome to post images of what we're looking at. If your content is pornography of any sort, please friend lock the post and tag it accordingly.

We are not translators.

♪ While we do HELP with translations here, don't just post a request to have something translated and expect someone to jump on it. This is a community for the education and study of Japanese. If we get translation groups that join the community, we would be happy to designate tags for those groups and their projects in the distant future. They would need to provide the Raws to whatever they're working on as well as their English translations so that other users can make comparisons and learn from them.

Trolls with be banned.

♪ No questions asked. In order to control our posts by anonymous and all that he is, please leave a comment by clicking here with your age and what Japanese education you have, if any at all. You will not be denied because of your age or your level. (Note: I understand some people do not like to share their age. if you're uncomfortable, you do not have to. We don't mind if you're under the age of 13 or anything; however, expect potentially adult themes here.) This is just to avoid unnecessary trolling and to make sure you've read the rules.

I look forward to everyone's participation! またすぐ会おうね!

A message to members from mikenno (Creator of 狗母魚)★

My name is Kristyn Miller. At the time of this post, I'm a 22-year-old Foreign Language major, a freshman in college. I've taken Japanese 101 and 102, so my own personal knowledge is limited. I was doing great in college until I had to move out of state.

With money tight and the inability to afford college hanging over me now, I found myself studying on my own with what I've learned. I still, however, have to ask questions sometimes because I haven't completed my Japanese education.

I made this community because not everyone has time or money for college, but they really want to take some time to get ahead and learn Japanese. There's many websites out there with lessons, but sometimes you just don't get it. I understand that! Everyone does.
So you just need to ask, and that's okay. I want you to. We all do.

As I mentioned, the name of the community, Eso, stemmed from a mistranslation on my part. The line in question was:


It says, "Iranee zo!" Or "I don't need it!"

I had figured out that "Iranee" is another way of saying "Iranai", or to not need something. "Zo" is another way of saying "Yo", which is a sentence ender that just puts emphasis on the statement. It's just extremely informal.

I did not know this. I also didn't realize that the え(e) following "いらね" ("irane") was attached to it! So where else was it to go but with the "zo"? It only gets WORSE, though! I COMPLETELY misread "zo" as "so", so I got "Eso", which was "lizardfish" when I looked it up in the dictionary.

Thank god someone corrected me, as I was translating a doujinshi at the time.

So that's the story!


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